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AATA would like to thank its corporate sponsors who have provided the support needed at this pivotal part of AATA's history to allow us to go from a concept to a fully certified, accredited program that will empower members of our community to obtain specialized training to prepare them for a career in a high-tech, high demand engineering sector.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing advanced aeronautics technical training in the field of Nondestructive Testing (NDT) to veterans. In addition our mission is to inspire and motivate underserved men and women from high risk low income areas to pursue careers in Aeronautics Technology.

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“I (like most veterans I know) was not ready when I left the service,
the military tells you you’ve got this and you’ve got that.
But then once you get out, there’s no job or career waiting for
you with open arms… you’re on your own man.”

—Veteran, San Antonio, Texas

The Need

The United States is poised to welcome more than 2 million veterans who have fought in one‒sometimes even two wars troops are expected to return and nearly all of them will seek opportunities that lead to gainful employment. But leaving the U.S. Armed Forces is an arduous experience with many difficulties making it especially hard for these individuals to find a job -much less a promising career.

Current Conditions in 2015
Across the United States, major urban regions like the county of Los Angeles have already seen this influx of veterans and are facing many new difficulties serving this population. Of the many unique challenges veteran face, the task of finding GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT when transitioning from the military to civilian life is among the most important.
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We are a group of dedicated, proven successful professionals from all fields and operate with a social conscience of helping those who simply can’t afford or commit to a higher degree.

“The Hispanic community holds the key to America’s 2020 goal of once again having the best trained, most competitive workforce in the world.” President Barack Obama April 24th 2009

The Need

In order to improve the Latino opportunity in the global workforce, The American Aeronautics Technical Academy (AATA) believes that it is in the best interest of our country to focus on strengthening the technical skills of Latinos and Veterans as demand for skilled jobs in the U.S. continues to require more and more technical training.

Demand for vocational and career education is skyrocketing among California's growing Latino population, but the unavailability of high performing vocational training centers prevents the overwhelming number of young people that want to receive NDT certification.

The lack of training opportunities denies the skills training Latino and veterans need to qualify for high-paying jobs in aerospace and related industries and will lose billions of dollars in personal income. In Los Angeles County and Orange County alone, more than 400,000 Latino students will be crowded out of classrooms over a decade. Collectively, they will lose almost $9 billion in foregone personal income.

"California's economy suffers when we do not make career education and skills training available to every person who can benefit from it," says John Stewart, National Director, American Aerospace Technical Academy (AATA). “We want to work with colleges around the state to close this 'skills gap.' It's imperative for all Californians, especially Latinos, that we address this problem." He states.

The strength of the American economy is inextricably linked to the strength of its trained workforce. Education has long been known as a gateway to achievement. Hispanic success in education and in the labor market, therefore, is of immediate and long‐term importance for all of us. In order to meet the future demands of NDT technical training within the growing workforce, we must collectively invest in educating this growing population.

Because skills matter too many quality-of-life issues, raising Americans’ skill levels and those of our fastest growing population will require a collective commitment. Therefore, The American Aerospace Technical Academy, The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education are partnering to strengthen the nation by expanding educational opportunities, improving educational outcomes for Hispanic men and women and by helping to ensure that they receive a complete and competitive education that prepares them for skilled jobs which generate gainful employment.